An emerging copper explorer.

C29 Metals Limited (ASX:C29) provides an opportunity to participate in the early stages of discovering and developing copper deposits via its suite of 100% held Australian tenure in Tier-1 mining jurisdictions.

Investment Highlights

C29 Metals has a very low Enterprise Value relative to peers with massive growth potential

Right Commodities, Right Time

Seven granted prospective Australian Copper Projects

Near term activity guided by experienced board and management

Exploration focused strategy over underexplored discoveries, greenfield projects with scale and grade, and ability for technological advanced value creation propositions

Copper spot markets at eight-year highs

Key Catalysts


o Implementation of geophysical review recommendations (Project-wide gravity survey, reprocessing of existing magnetic and radiometric geophysics)
o Integrated geochemistry review utilising newly digitised datasets
o Target-ranking exercise based on combination of geology, geochemistry, and geophysics


o Aeromagnetic and radiometric survey leading to revised structural interpretation
o Project-wide soil geochemical sampling program

Sampsons Tank

o RC drilling and downhole geophysics at two main targets
o Negotiation of land access at recently defined VTEM targets, followed by soil geochemical sampling


o Grant of final Exploration Licence Application
o Commence detailed geophysical surveys for targeting IOCG drilling hotspots at Torrens Projects

Reedy Creek

o IP survey over Reedy Creek mine area
o Negotiation of land access at Sunview (Cu) and Kala (Au) targets, followed by reconnaissance drilling

Sampson's Tank Cu-Au, NSW

Reedy Creek Au-Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag, NSW

Torrens Projects Cu-Au, SA

Stadlers Cu-Au, WA

Mayfield Mt Isa Cu-Au Project, Qld

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