Torrens Projects

IoCG Projects

Located in the World Class Olympic IOCG Domain , Gawler Craton, SA.

50km from BHP’s Olympic Dam Mine and new Oak Dam discovery (drill hole intersection of 426m @ 3.0% Cu).

Adjacent to other IOCG discoveries: FMG/TAS Volcan JV, ARE/AIS Lake Torrens JV, DGO Pernatty, and IVR Maslins.

The Gawler Craton in central South Australia is world renowned as one of the country’s leading exploration destinations.

Mineral region north-west of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

  • Over 1,700km2 of tenements under application.
  • Previous copper mining and exploration have intercepted copper mineralisation and exhibit sizable host environments and alteration.
  • Geophysical modelling has identified multiple high quality IOCG drill targets.
  • Previous drilling intersected copper mineralisation (28m @ 0.34% Cu) with IOCG alteration and granitoid breccias.
  • Historic OK Copper mine has shallow pits and small open cuts with shafts to 20M depth. Area returned up to 2% copper in rock chips.
  • Limited exploration with large upside.

    Gawler Craton IOCG Tenements

    The Gawler Craton is the oldest and largest geological province in South Australia, preserving a complex tectonic history spanning from c. 3200 Ma to 1450 Ma. The craton comprises a Meso- to Neoarchaean core enclosed by Palaeoproterozoic to Mesoproterozoic rocks. The Mesoarchaean history of the Gawler Craton is dominated by felsic magmatism, the Neoarchaean to Palaeoproterozoic history by sedimentation and bimodal volcanism, and the Mesoproterozoic history by felsic volcanism.

    The southern boundary of the craton coincides with the continental margin, but the other boundaries are poorly constrained, being obscured by cover sequences; the Neoproterozoic Torrens Hinge Zone and Adelaide Geosynine to the east separating the Gawler Craton from the Palaeo- to Mesoproterozoic Curnamona Province and the Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic Officer Basin to the north and west separates the Gawler Craton from the Musgrave Province and Albany Fraser Belt and Yilgarn Craton in WA.